Update on the Awesome 05.23.17

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Blog Reviews of Sweetpotato Awesome...and a Recipe

Melody of The Essential Mother blog wrote this very positive review about the Awesome.  You can check it out here .  Melody writes about all aspects of motherhood but has a particular passion for the importance of nutrition in regards to treating chronic illnesses of she which has had personal experience.  It's a great and quick read!  

Allison of the Flabs to Fitness blog provides a little more in depth description of each one of our flavors in addition to sharing her enthusiasm for the Awesome.  Her blog can be read here.  

Allison also put together this very creative recipe for "Spicy Pizza Nachos".  Check out the link here

We'll be back at Downtown Third this Friday (5/26) for the Intuitive Forager's Farmer's Market. Additionally we'll be setting up at the Fresh 52 Farmer's Market at Inspirada on Saturday (5/27) in Henderson.  Come on out for some Awesome!

Father's Day is coming next month.  Follow us on Instagram as we'll be releasing a Father's Day discount code sometime prior on our profile there.  Again, for all of social media we can be found @sweetpoawesome. 

Finally, we now have an affiliate program for Sweetpotato Awesome which allows bloggers or social media influencers to receive commissions on sales from customers they send to our site.  E-mail us at contact@sweetpotatoawesome.com if you or someone you know may be interested in participating.

You = Awesome ... Eat Accordingly

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