About the Awesome

Born from a desire to make a superfood that tasted like junkfood without artificial preservatives or added sugars Sweetpotato Awesome is a variety of freeze dried organic sweetpotato slices, fries and protein bites.  Using our awesome propietary process to prepare the sweetpotatoes for freeze drying, the Awesome not only has a unique texture and a high retention of nutrients but a long shelf life due to it's extremely low moisture content. 
We sell SLICES, not chips. Our slices are cut at a thickness that allows them to be used like a cracker or in the case of Flat Out Awesome, a piece of toast or flat bread. The thickness of the cut, the nature of the sweetpotato as a root vegetable and the freeze dry process yield a product sturdy enough to dip and scoop a variety of foods to go along with the Awesome. Enjoy!