Article on "Spoon University" and new podcast with "Reluctant Preppers"

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Spoon University and Reluctant Preppers podcast

Over the past couple weeks we've gotten some great press out of two interviews.  Please check them out at the links below! 

"Spoon University"

-Paula Cappelin did a really nice job with the article.  She knows her food, did a good job of explaining all of our different flavors and put together some sweet photos.  Definitely worth checking out and sharing as much as you're able on social media.

"Reluctant Preppers"

Dunagun Kaiser asked some really good questions and provided some great feedback on the slices. In addition to explaining the origins and inspiration behind Sweetpotato Awesome we were also able to talk about the potential for Sweetpotato Awesome to be a survival food (preservation process, unique and sturdy packaging, etc.).  It's an enjoyable 33 minute listen...share as well!

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