Original Awesome freeze dried organic sweetpotato slice...the perfect survival food or healthy snack.
Sweetpotato Awesome

Original Awesome

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These slices of organic sweetpotatoes are seasoned with organic virgin coconut oil, sea salt and organic fair trade ceylon cinnamon.  They are called "Original Awesome" because this was the first recipe we tried to freeze dry and it's also the founder's favorite and "original" way of baking sweetpotatoes for eating straight out of the oven. Original Awesome has a cookie like taste to it and is an ideal match with ice cream (see ice cream sandwich photo to the left), yogurt or your favorite nut butter. If you break it up into little pieces it's makes for a pretty awesome cereal. For those looking for a bit of a more savory application a mild salsa seems to compliment this flavor quite well. Like all of the flavors of the Awesome we make sure to bake at a temperature below the smoke point of coconut oil. Packaged in 5 mil thick stand up pouches with an oxygen absorber, these slices can also serve as survival food given their long shelf life.

Original Awesome is certified kosher by the Va'ad HaKashrus of Las Vegas (http://lvkosher.com/). 

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