Sea Salt
Sweetpotato Awesome

Sea Salt

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*Currently have a backlog of orders for both the 2 oz and 8 oz pouches...sorry for the delay in shipping these items.  We recommend the Sea Salt Bits if you're looking for the same Awesome in a slightly different size but without any delay in shipping

Similar in texture and size to a flat bread or toast these larger freeze dried organic sweetpotato slices are simply seasoned with organic virgin coconut oil and sea salt. Formerly known as Flat Out Awesome, our Sea Salt flavor is similar to sweetpotato toast with the added benefit of having a long shelf life and a unique crunchy texture. Anything you would put on a sandwich you can use with our Sea Salt flavor.  Our personal favorite is peanut butter, jelly and the Awesome but a slice of cheese drizzled with honey is a close second.  Like all of the flavors of the Awesome we make sure to bake at a temperature below the smoke point of coconut oil. Packaged in 5 mil thick stand up pouches with an oxygen absorber these slices can also serve as survival food given their long shelf life.

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