Sea Salt
Sweetpotato Awesome

Sea Salt

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 *Currently sold out of the 8 oz pouches. If you live in LA you can purchase this item at Erewhon. If you'd like to order here it will probably take about a week before we are able to ship.

**We are also sold out of the 2 oz pouches. It's going to be until at least mid December before we have more in stock. 

***Our Sea Salt Bits are a less expensive option with the same exact ingredients. We tend to always have those in stock.

Similar in texture and size to a flat bread or toast these larger freeze dried organic sweetpotato slices are simply seasoned with organic virgin coconut oil and sea salt. Formerly known as Flat Out Awesome, our Sea Salt flavor is similar to sweetpotato toast with the added benefit of having a long shelf life and a unique crunchy texture. Anything you would put on a sandwich you can use with our Sea Salt flavor. 

Ingredients:  Organic sweetpotatoes. organic coconut oil, sea salt.



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