Sea Salt Fry Bits (4 oz/pouch)
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Sea Salt Fry Bits (4 oz/pouch)

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In the process of making our Sea Salt fries we end up with a lot of small pieces of fries that we don't want to go to waste.  Hence, we are processing those smaller pieces and we now offer them as Fry Bits.  These work really well as a crunchy topping to yogurt, chia pudding or smoothie bowls. Or they make for an amazing gluten free cereal or granola. 

Plus, they are at a cheaper price per ounce than our Sea Salt Fries.  The Awesome ingredients are the sweetpotatoes, organic coconut oil and sea salt.

*The Fry Bits come in a 4 oz pouch which is twice as large as our normal 2 oz size.

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