Baked in organic virgin coconut oil with sea salt, organic dill weed, organic chipotle powder and organic garlic granules then freeze dried for a unique texture these organic sweetpotato slices are very similar to a cracker. Vegan and naturally gluten free these snacks are ideal as a long term survival, hiking or camping food.
Sweetpotato Awesome

Chipotle, Garlic and Dill

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Mild in heat this slice of Awesome is seasoned with organic virgin coconut oil, sea salt organic garlic granules, organic chipotle powder and organic dill weed. Similar in texture to a cracker and thick enough for dipping/scooping it's an ideal pairing with your favorite cheese, salsa, guacamole or hummus.  Like all of the flavors of the Awesome we make sure to bake the slice at a temperature below the smoke point of coconut oil. Packaged in 5 mil thick stand up pouches with an oxygen absorber, these slices can also serve as survival food given their long shelf life.

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