Collagen Peptide Protein Bites (Plain)
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Collagen Peptide Protein Bites (Plain)

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If you love sweetpotatoes but prefer not to eat them with coconut oil our protein bites are a great option.  Baked sweetpotatoes are combined with grass fed pasture raised collagen peptides to make a nutrient dense, super crunchy and yummy snack that contains 13g of protein per serving.  It makes for a phenomenal topping on yogurt or a smoothie bowl! Staying true to Sweetpotato Awesome's practice of keeping it healthy and simple there are only two ingredients:

1. Organic sweetpotatoes 

2.  Grass fed pasture raised collagen peptides

That's it.  Like all of our slices and fries it truly does have all the crunch and all the awesome!  

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